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Home Decor Haul + Life Lately

School starts on Monday for my kids and I'm trying to get everything in order. I'm probably not the only one going crazy trying to get everything done days before! I've been going through old clothes and making a pile for donations. So, as you can imagine their rooms are a mess right now! I love to go through their clothes right before school starts, get rid of anything that doesn't fit or has holes and then nicely organize what is left so that I'm able to put away the new clothes and be able to find them. Isn't it crazy that the mess has to get way worse before it gets better? That's definitely where I'm at.

It's hard to be able to find the time to continuously work on a space when I'm being pulled in different directions. My son and daughter have had sports every night of the week this summer. Seriously, sports took over our lives. Thankfully we are down to 4 days a week of sport instead of 6 starting this week. Yippee!

While my husband was away fighting a huge California wild fire, I had some fun finding some new home décor. It's the way that I deal with stress... not the shopping part but decorating. It takes my mind off of things and I get to be creative. I guess that's why I'm always shifting wall décor and pillows around the house. Call me crazy but it's so fun for me. So, the past few weeks I've added some new things to my home and switched some wall décor from room to room. I keep adding and taking away things and will continue to do so until it feels just right!

So let's talk about my home décor finds!
Fixer Upper style vase from World Market. I added some cherry blossoms and fell in love with the simple beauty.

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New curtains. I found these 48x108 inch Blue Surf Ventura Flocked curtains on WorldMarket.com. I hung them from ceiling to floor for a dramatic look. These curtains changed the entire feel of my living room. They feel so stylish and expensive while adding so much personality!

A new rug. I found this rug at Ross for dirt cheap. It replaced my plain gray shag rug that I've had for years. I wanted something with a pattern. It makes the room feel bigger now! As you can see my dog loves it. This is his nap spot. I think I caught him mid blink and he could care less that his picture was being taken. You can find my mini labradoodle Lucy napping behind my rocking chair. If you look a few pictures up you can see her! My new 6'7 x 9'3 rug  is a gray and white shag trellis made by ALDO. PRO TIP: Don't be afraid to mix patterns in the room!

Rustic Glam Lantern. I found this at Burlington Coat Factory on clearance for $10. Steal!

Pillows. I found the green geometric looking pillows at Costco. They came in a 2 pack and are fluffy and soft! They match the colors in the curtains almost perfectly.

Striped Curtains. I found these 6-  gray and white 96 inch curtains on Wayfair.com. I bought them for my son's room after searching for the perfect curtains for the last 9 months! As you can see my real life... proof that I'm going through clothes and everything is a mess.

Basket. This basket is from Michaels and it is perfect for putting a house plant in! I had been on the search for the perfect size and look for a while now.

My Greek key rug was from Costco a few years ago and I still love it. My woven wood shades are from Blinds.com and they add so much style and personality!

Once the kids go back to school, I'll just have my 3 year old at home with me and I'll be able to get more done. It seems as if I can never keep up with the messes during summer vacation. I'm sad that summer is coming to an end and fall is approaching but I won't miss the messes!

So what have you found lately? Any good home décor items? I'd love to hear!

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