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Shopkins S'mores

Recently, I've been experimenting a lot with s'mores. Creating them with different combinations of cookies, candy and syrups has been really fun for me. Last week, I came across some Shopkins cookies at Ross and immediately placed them in my shopping cart. At my house, Shopkins is one of the hottest toys that we collect, as with any little girl in America! Seriously, they fly off the shelves as every new season is released. I have to admit, they really are fun to look for and collect even as an adult. Especially when I find one that my daughter has been searching for! So, after finding the cookies during my back to school shopping, I knew I wanted to do something fun with them so I came up with Shopkins S'mores!

-Shopkins cookies
-Marshmallow fluff
-Girly Sprinkles. I used tiny pink sprinkles and the blue pearls.
- Chocolate Hershey bar
-Strawberry syrup (optional)


1. Grab 2 Shopkins cookies with the same exact character. For example, 2 of Apple Blossom.
2. Now take one cookie in your hand with the character face up.
3. Dip your knife into the marshmallow fluff and smear a perfect amount of fluff onto the top of the cookie.
4. Sprinkle the fluff with the tiny pink sprinkles.
5. Place your small chocolate square onto the fluff.
6. Place a few of the larger sprinkles like the blue pearls that I used around the chocolate square and gently push into the fluff so that they stay in place.
7. Smear a tiny amount of marshmallow fluff on top of the chocolate square.
8. (OPTIONAL) Drip a very small amount of strawberry syrup on top of the chocolate square.
9. Place the other matching cookie with the same character on top and you are done!

*Remember to ALWAYS use the same 2 cookies so that they match up.

My daughter's were so excited when I gave them one. It definitely is a girly treat and perfect for birthday and slumber parties and they are so EASY to make! So, what do you think? Would your little Shopkins collector love these?

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