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Fall Home Must Haves

The weather has finally cooled off for a few days  (hallelujah) but will be back up in the high 80's this week. Boo. I'm currently sitting here, drinking my pumpkin spice coffee as I take a break from cleaning up a million shards of  glass on the kitchen floor. While I was making my kids' school lunches this morning, my three year old decided she wanted to make herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and proceeded to climb in the fridge to get the brand new glass jar of strawberry jelly out. It was too heavy for her and it slipped out of her hands and that's when I heard the shatter on my tile floor. Queue the tears and heartbreak. I had already woken up 30 minutes late from my alarm, (dang that snooze button) because I have a bad head cold and thought I'd just lay there for 5 more minutes but I accidentally fell asleep! 5:45AM comes really early can you blame me? So, I was running around like crazy to begin with to get the kids to school on time because it takes up to 30-40 minutes to get to school depending on the traffic. I had to stop what I was doing to vacuum up the glass just so she could move because she was barefoot and while I was vacuuming the kitchen breaker went out and I lost power to all the plugs in that area. It's been one of those mornings. Crazy messy bun, yoga pants and all. By the favor or the Lord, we made it to school with a few minutes to spare and then I went on my merry way back home. I'm so thankful for coffee, seat warmers and prayer because they kept me sane this morning. It always seems like everything happens when my husband is at the station! Can any other fire wife attest to that?!

I wish I could just lay in bed all day, drink coffee, listen to the rain and catch up on some of my shows on Hulu Plus and Netflix. I'm adding that to my bucket list for when the kids are grown. As for now, I have too much to do to lay in bed. The next couple of days I will have 2 new posts for you, which I'm really excited about. It's also National Taco Day so I'll be putting some pulled pork in the crockpot with some enchilada sauce for tonight. So easy!

One last and very important thing. We need to pray for Haiti and Hurricane Matthew.  I can't imagine what they are facing. On the way to school drop off, my kids and I prayed for winds of change. God is a God of miracles. So stand in prayer with me!

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...Fall Home Must Haves...

This season I am loving, white pumpkins, muted autumn colors, gold, galvanized buckets, cute white plates, candles, plaid and all things coffee for my house. A fire pit is definitely on my wish list and so are some adorable flannel sheets. I love when my home feels clean and cozy. I'm working on the clean part daily because well life happens. I also have gold flatware on my wish list. They will be gorgeous for Thanksgiving alongside those white plates. Walmart has some adorable hobnail plates along with Pioneer Woman's white set. So basically you can get very similar ones at Target or Walmart. I need to add some bookshelves to my master bedroom to display all of my books. We have a ton and for the past year they have been in boxes. I love reading, snuggled up in a cute blanket when it's cold outside. I'm currently reading Agenda 21: Into the Shadows by Glenn Beck. It is the 2nd book to Agenda 21. Holy moly it is eye opening and such a good story with a little bit of romance. You can get the Kindle addition HERE Agenda 21 is actually a real document signed by Obummer oh sorry I mean Obama and I believe the United Nations where the government owns everything and you would all live in government housing with a job assigned to you and water and food would be rationed to you daily. It's seriously SCARY and it's seriously real. This book dives into "if" that document would really happen and tell you what the world would be like. A one world government with people living in compounds. If you don't believe me, look it up! Kind of reminds me something like Divergent or Hunger Games but  different if that makes sense.

So what are your fall must haves? Are you currently reading a good book? What is it?

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