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How to easily Redesign Any Room without Getting New Furniture

Redesigning a room doesn't have to be hard or complicated. I always have one design rule. Find something like a rug that you can't live without and then base your entire design off of that. It will show you what style direction you will take along with colors and texture. Sounds easy right? Well, it is!

There is something about rugs that pull a room together. They add pattern, style and texture like I said above but it really is so true. It anchors a room and adds the finishing touch. They can also separate joined spaces and make each their own like I did with my open concept living, dining and kitchen.

Here is my master bedroom before without any rug. It doesn't feel as cozy or complete. It is just a big empty space that visually looked that it fell flat.

With my master bedroom, I have a look that I am wanting to achieve and slowly it is coming together. I want it to feel cozy, comfy, not over the top but pretty. One of my very favorite things is my chandelier ceiling fan and I feel like this new rug really makes it feel glamorous.

A couple weeks ago I ordered the 5'2" x 7'2" Carmela Ivory/Taupe area rug from and was going completely off of looks. I've always wanted a white fluffy rug for my room but they usually are so expensive so I never bothered. Once it arrived at my door I have no idea how it was going to feel or the quality.
 I carefully unwrapped it and laid it out and oh my goodness! I'm not even kidding I was really surprised. This little baby was heavenly soft. Even my two daughters were amazed at how fluffy and soft it is.

When you lay it out all of the shag will be laying flat so you will want to fluff it up with your hands. I used a windshield wiper motion with my arms and my daughters made "snow angels" in it. In the picture below you will see that half of it is laying down and the other half has been fluffed.

So let's really talk about redesigning any room in your home.

1. Find your inspiration. This can be any décor item that you find. I usually start with a rug because it is a lot easier.

2. Choose your color palette and style from your inspiration.

3. Add lighting like lamps or chandeliers.

4. Pillows! They will help tie in your rug.

5. Curtains. These are another item that you could use as your inspiration and change out whenever you want. They are a huge element in pulling your room together.

6.. Wall accessories. Thinks gorgeous mirrors and art work. Don't forget to personalize your home with family photos and there are so many ways to make those look chic and stylish too.

7. Small accessories. Vases with flowers, books, small picture frames and candles.

Those seven easy things to add with make such a HUGE impact in your room and you won't even need to buy new furniture. It also won't break the bank and will give you a completely new space that you will love all over again.

As for me, I still have a few things on my bedroom list to add and complete before it feels finished. One thing at a time right?

Question of the day... Where do you look for inspiration when redesigning your room?

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Unknown said...

This bedroom is so cozy – from the stool to the fabrics to, of course, the rug! I personally am a huge fan of shopping your own house – where you're constantly restyling pieces that you already own to give a particular room a new feel.

XO, Oksana |