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Fall + Thanksgiving Magical Faux Pumpkin Unicorn

Who says that Thanksgiving can't be magical or decorated with décor that isn't traditional? This year create a kids tablescape or a fun adult tablescape that is out of the box, pastel and oh so fun!

Let me make this clear, this pumpkin was completely inspired from THE PARTY PARADE. Isn't it adorable? Now let's get down to the deets!

Faux white pumpkin
Model Magic
Metallic gold craft paint
White felt
Pink felt
Silhouette machine
Black vinyl
Glue gun
Small paint brush

1. Start by creating the horn by rolling 2 pieces of Model Magic into a  tapered rope shape. Skinny on top and fat on the bottom. Make sure that they are the same length. (The shorter the rope shape, the fatter and better your horn will be. If you make them thin and long, you will get a too tall and thin horn which = no Bueno!) Then roll the 2 pieces together and pinch the top together. Dab the bottom and fatten it up so that it has a flat bottom and is able to stand on it own. Let it dry overnight!

2. Next day! When your horn is dried out, paint it metallic gold (add some gold glitter if you want) and let the paint dry.

3. When the gold paint is dry, hot glue gun it in front of the pumpkin stem.

4. Cut 2 white triangles with rounded edges 

5. Cut 2 pink triangles slightly smaller than the white triangles. Don't forget to round these edges too.

6. Glue gun the pink triangle onto the white.

7. Place a line of hot glue on the bottom edge of the ear and press it down onto the pumpkin to place each ear.

8. With your Silhouette machine, cut out of the vinyl eyes of your choice. I found my eyelashes in the Silhouette Studio. Once they are cut, transfer them onto your pumpkin. Smooth them out and press them down completely.

9. Cut or pull off different size, color and type of flowers and hot glue them in front of the ears and horn.  

10. Place wherever you want in your home for décor and enjoy!

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