One night  as I cried out to the Lord in prayer, I suddenly saw visions of Hell. As I looked deeper in this vision I realized that I was looking at some sort of treasury room that also had the appearance of an office like cave. It was a deep, dark and dingy place that I can't fully put into words.. The atmosphere was void of absolutely everything. Void of air, void of love, void of light. A very large demonic being stood at the entrance of this room guarding it. His job was to be a watchman as to not let anyone unauthorized to pass by him. Only a few had access to this specific place/ section in Hell. As I stood there, I looked past his shoulder and the entire room opened up to me. I could see that this is where Satan keeps things that he has stolen from people on the earth. They were like his trophies. Some on display like you would show off your accomplishments in display cases. There was a "desk" in there to write in record books. I then saw another demonic being walk over to the desk and place a stack of books that each represented someone's life on earth. They were being sifted out some type of record library. I instantly knew these books contained names of the people that the enemy had plans for. These were to be targeted next through strategic plans. Plans to steal kill and destroy. My spiritual eyes then moved to focus on a wall that was stacked high with small cages upon cages accompanied with locks. The possessions in these cages were very significant to Satan. Inside of these locked cages were STOLEN CROWNS. These crowns once belonged to people.  Revelation 3:11  says, "I AM COMING. Hold onto what you have so that no one will steal your crowns."

I came out of this vision and went into travail over the crowns. I wept for hours. Sometime weeping so deeply that no sound was even coming out of me. My heart was so broken. I wept for the souls that these crowns once belonged to. I wept for the salvation of souls. It was all about salvation.

I have thought about this vision for months. It was such an intense experience that it forever changed the way that I saw the souls of people. Nothing else matters. We have got to take back what the enemy has stolen for Jesus.  It's time to go after souls like never before!

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