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How bout some disco romance?


HE is asking you to dance...

If there is a question attached to the soul of a woman maybe it's "Do you think I'm beautiful?" When God answers from His great love, it makes some of us feel like the wallflower that is asked to dance.

You have been noticed...

HE thinks you're beautiful...

the glass slipper fits...

the music is playing...

and HE is asking you to dance.

Has anything ever come close to filling the depths of your soul? Have you ever known a love or beauty that has sustained you? Can you make sense of it all by yourself? Then maybe what's missing, in fact, is God.

To believe in God is the beginning. To hear him call your name is the start. To dance in his arms is real life. The music will be fast, then slow, then fast. The steps will be both easy and complex. The lights will be sometimes bright and then sometimes dim.
But to miss Him and to miss the dance, is like missing the life you were made for! To finally connect with God- to believe that God really is who He says He is- will make you feel like the wallflower that is asked to dance.

When God says,"Come dance with Me," he is not saying you have to know all the steps. This is God of all creation who provides the music, sets the stage, takes you by the hand, and then leads. If you will find rest in His arms, you can trust every turn that he takes.
You do not have to be embarrassed to learn, he is a patient teacher. You do not have to look behind you to see where you are going because you can trust that he is watching.

You are beautiful in His arms. Dancing is fun.Your job is easy... rest in his strong embrace and follow his lead!
(from one of my favorite books " Do you think I'm beautiful)

God notices you and thinks you're BEAUTIFUL. He never stops noticing.

One thing I have learned is that God is real.
So real. He is right there.
He is asking everyone to dance.
He is in love with you.
God is your best friend. He will never betray you nor lie to you.
His words are true. It is impossible for God to lie. The more you seek Him, then the more you'll learn about Him and He will reveal himself to you.
He is kind and compassionate. Loving, caring, romantic. Let God romance you.
He wants to bless you.
He will give you the desires of you heart.
He is calling. Knocking on the door to your heart, hoping you'll let him all the way in. Don't just crack the door to see who it is. Invite Him in, and you will NEVER regret it.

Romance, Passion, Music, Dancing. That is what your relationship with the Lord should be like.
Its a relationship, not a religion...

so let him take the lead. what have you got to lose? risk it all in my opinion.
nothing is sweeter than his embrace.
No love is more fufilling.
Many waters can not quench this L.O.V.E.
My thoughts are deep tonight.

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Unknown said...

Woowwww...i love your thoughts and what you are writing about today! So true and from your heart. I believe that when God asks us to dance, we don't need to know how or the steps to take. He will lead and guide us to do what's right. In him we should let go and trust. For the music will play and our feet will move. The song will never end!!!