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8 Stylish Planners to Organize Your 2015

A new year means new goals and what better way to achieve your goals than with a new planner. It makes it even easier when the planner is super cute. It motivates you to actually use it! Well, at least for me. Bright colors and prints excite me and makes me actually think I can get all that I need to do under control with a new planner. It gives me hope for my blessed chaos.

Running a family of 5, 3 kids, my husband and I & 2 dogs on top of that gets hectic. Especially when you are DIY'n blogger like myself. E-mails, projects, phone calls, blog posts ect. start piling up if I don't manage them correctly. That's not even any of the family's things to do! Kids in school, homework, meal planning and being the mommy taxi is just a few of the things on my to do list.

Then there are your goals on top of EVERYTHING else and most importantly time with God.
So in this day and age how do we modern women do it? Things are a lot more complicated than they used to be. Especially when are faces are buried in technology everyday. The average American is consumed with technology 11 hours per day. That is crazy! 

So with life sometimes being so complicated, pick a planner to help you organize you chaos and BREATHE a little bit just like I talked about in my previous post.

The personalizations are endless when you add your own personality, stickers, post its and more to your 2015 planner! 

Who wouldn't want to at least try to organize their life with one of these?

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