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Motivational Monday : My "word" for 2015

Do you have your "word" for 2015? Last year mine was SIMPLIFY. I tried my best to simplify life in the midst of all I had going on. I'm not sure I fully succeeded but I tried. After a lot of prayer I finally heard from God for 2015 and I have 2! BREATHE & ACCOMPLISH. This year I won't stress out about the small things like kids making a mess or wrinkles in the bed. I will learn to just breathe and know that everything is OK, and things aren't as big of a deal as I think they are.

 It's funny how you get revelation of your "word/s" and almost immediately you are tested and you have to put them into action. Just like today for instance. Running late for church due to my daughter having a slight melt down about being separated from her brother for class. BREATHE. They are inseparable for the most part and love to go into the same class at church. Problem will be solved next year when she is in the 1st grade. Also today, my almost 2 year old daughter found my wet paint brush in the fridge and decided to start painting my beloved aqua chevron accent wall, white kitchen cabinets, my new stone fireplace wall, the spot on the couch and ottoman. BREATHE!!! I quickly caught her in the act of the couch and ottoman so I scrubbed that away. I then found the spots on the cabinets and was able to scrub that away BUT, HOURS later I found the chevron wall and rock wall with paint marks. The paint is extra durable so I scrubbed and scrubbed but it's not happening. The sad thing is, I hope I have extra paint from my chevron wall. I created my own aqua color with colors I already had at home to save money of course! So, I pray I made extra. I can't even remember. On top of that I can't remember what color of cream I used for that wall too. BREATHE. So, you see, I was in full breathe mode today. I thought OK, brush it off, it's just paint, it's just a cry session for my middle child. We made it to church with seconds to spare as the kid's check in closed. Phew. We did made it and that's what counts! I'll figure out the paint situations or worst case scenario, repaint the whole accent wall.

 ACCOMPLISH. I know God has a lot planned for me and I am going to take them by force as He leads. I am planning on accomplishing many things this year! Including small goals like keeping up on laundry ( we all probably have that one all the time) organizing every drawer, keeping a to do list and sticking to it. Overall just keep my life more organized so I am able to accomplish more. A big "accomplish" part of my life will be my blog. Spending more time organizing projects, executing projects and showing who I am. I'm believing for big blessings this year as I accomplish!

While sitting here, listening to the dishwasher run, and the dryer drying clothes, I realized there is an important word concerning 2015.  I'll share that with you, and what God showed me next Monday! So, have you asked God what your words are? If so, what are they?

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